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Work Experience

Sixth Form students are required to take part in a two-week work experience placement in the summer term of 2019.

Work Experience is a valuable part of the curriculum here at Woodcote.  It enables students to experience the workplace and develop and apply valuable key skills; which in turn may help your child to think about their future career path, post-16 study/training options or university courses.  Many post-16 courses and apprenticeships are sought after, and work experience can help students enhance their application through demonstrating their wider skill set and dedication beyond an educational setting.

In order to develop their independence and resilience (they may get a knock-back from their first request but just as in the real-world of job-hunting, need to pick themselves up and look for the next opportunity!), students are expected to find placements themselves, using their research and communication skills. Students are encouraged to make a start on this now as many companies have a limited number of spaces and competition for placements is strong.   It is essential that the employer has employer’s liability insurance (which covers people from aged 14); please be aware that this may not be the case with sole traders – it is worth just asking the employer about this before completing the student placement form, as it will not be possible to pursue a placement without this insurance in place.

Please be aware that we are only able to have students on placements during the following scheduled two-week work experience period - week beginning Monday 8th July to Friday 19th July 2019.

Students should complete the attached Placement Form and return it to me by Friday 14th December 2018.  This deadline may seem far in advance of the work experience dates, but it is necessary in order to carry out all of the required Health & Safety checks and administration.

Should your child experience difficulties in securing a placement, I am available to help or should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me or telephone 0208 668 6464 ext. 262