Governance Structure

Governance Structure:


Chair of Governors:                            Ian Parker


Woodcote High School operate a portfolio governance structure.

There is a scheme of delegation approved that determines the level at which all key decisions can be made whether that is by the full governing body (FGB), portfolio or the head teacher.

Governors’ Portfolio


1.  Standards

 Standards and progress

Curriculum and assessment

Teaching and learning

6th Form


SIP Priorities: 

2:   Embed effective assessment across the school

3:   Continue to improve academic outcomes within the new accountability framework


Paul Driscoll (Chair)

Maira Javaid

Ian Parker 

Ray Thompson


2. Students


SEND and inclusion


Punctuality and attendance



SIP Priorities:

1:   Embed effective consistency of behaviour management across the school

5:   Develop Growth Mindset as a whole school ethos


Ray Thompson (Chair)

Suzanne Dudman

Ian Parker

Sheila Robbins

Kris Witherington


3.  Support



Health and safety

HR and welfare



SIP Priorities:

4:   Maintain the financial stability into the next financial year and beyond

Steve Cooper (Chair)

Sally Kiernan

Ian Parker

Josh Phillips

Hiten Savla

Mark Southworth


4.  Remuneration

Performance related pay     


Suzanne Dudman (Chair)

Paul Driscoll

Ian Parker

Josh Phillips

Ray Thompson