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Yr 7 Catch-up Premium

Year 7 Literacy & Numeracy Catch Up Premium



How the funding is spent

We have employed a Literacy & Numeracy specialist to carry out small group work with Year 7 students identified as being below the expected level for their stage i.e. pupils who are working at below Level 4 (based upon a comparison between their KS2 level and their AU1 assessed level at Woodcote High School).

When not working with these small groups, our intervention specialist supports those same year 7 pupils within lessons whenever she is able.

In the initial stage pupils who are level 3 or below at KS2 are targeted for Literacy intervention. Subsequent groups are created based on emerging needs for support where pupils who are on the lower end of level 4 (4c) are not making expected progress in English.

For numeracy, those pupils who were targeted had KS2 levels of B (below level of the assessment), level 2, level 3 and level 4 whose first assessment at Woodcote were B, 2 or 3.

What actions are taken – Literacy

Small groups of four or five students are created and work in these groups focus on improving spelling, punctuation and grammar. Pupils are assessed at the start of the intervention program with and end of term assessment to measure progress done after 8 weeks of intensive work.

Results of the intervention – Literacy

87% of pupils have made progress moving one or more sub-level in their assessment from AU1 to AU2. Of this number 26% moved two sub-levels while 8% moved 3 sub-levels. This cumulative sum of 34% is now able to transition from the program back to mainstream lessons only.

Next steps

Pupils who have now achieved level 4b or above have been removed from the small group intervention. Even where pupils have made one sub-level of progress in the 8 week period, those who are at level 4c or below continue on the program for another 8 weeks. The objective is to get all students in the program to a minimum of level 4b to give them a better chance of making expected progress across KS2 to KS4 and being more able to access the curriculum.

What actions are taken - Numeracy

The focus of the small group work is to focus on basic numeracy skills e.g. written and mental calculations, types of number, multiplication tables etc.

Pupils are assessed prior to starting their course on these skills and they undergo an 8 week course of sessions. The pupils are reassessed at the end to measure progress.

Results of the intervention – Numeracy

53% of pupils showed an improved assessment grade in their Maths assessment from AU1 to AU2. The pupils who improved were across all ability levels at intake to the course.

Of those whose level did not improve in the Maths assessment, 5 showed improvement in the catch up assessment (on average, an improvement of 25%).

NB: There were 3 absences for the re-test and 1 for the Maths assessment.

Next steps

For those students who have now achieved a level 4, they will be removed from the catch up course. For those still below level 4 (even if improvement has been shown), they will continue for another period of 8 weeks. Any spaces vacated will then allow for further intervention of those below level 4 (or for those working at a Level 4c) to provide support.