YR 10

Year 10 is the official start of Key Stage 4, although some subjects start certain elements in Year 9.  The majority of teaching and assessment is done within this year.  Students will have chosen their option subjects within Year 9 having been reccommended to follow a suitable curriculum pathway and therefore the curriculum narrows or broadens depending upon those choices.  The three options pathways (purple, orange, green) reflect the academic needs of our students.  Certain courses are assessed by controlled coursework and the outcomes count for the pupils terminal grades in Year 11.  Therefore pupils must start Year 10 with this in mind. For further details of the Key Stage 4 curriculum please refer to the options booklets.

The general subject areas studied by the year group en mass are shown below, the nuances of any specific options choices are within these parameters and the allocations of hours for each (in a two week cycle) are shown below:

GCSE Computer Studies - 5 Physical Education - 3
GCSE RE - 3 GCSE Science- 10
GCSE Maths - 7 Triple Science: GCSE Physics, GCSE Biology & GCSE Chemistry
Option A - 5 GCSE Core & Additional Science
Option B - 5 GCSE English & English Literature - 7
Option C - 5 GCSE Spanish - 5
Other GCSE Options Subjects: GCSE French - 5
Art Other Accredited Options Subjects:
Business Studies BTEC Art & Design
Dance BTEC Sport
Resistant Materials BTEC Media
Graphic Products OCR Health & Social Care
Geography Drama


Click here for a parents experience view point for the curriculum in Year 10