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Woodcote High School GCSE results 2017

24th August 2017

Woodcote High School GCSE results 2017


Woodcote student achieves a “Full House of GCSE Results in a day of celebration

Woodcote are delighted that students and teachers have risen to the challenge of more demanding GCSEs in a year of significant change; and once again have delivered an excellent set of GCSE results.

Over 70% of the cohort achieved grades 4-9 in both the reformed English and Maths exams, with a significant increase in the proportion of students achieving the very highest grades. 23% of all entries were graded A*-A and 50% of all entries were graded A*-B.

With the introduction of the new grade 9 in English and Maths, which represents the top fraction of the A* grade, Woodcote students managed to achieve this across an incredible 14 entries.

Statisticians suggested that only two students in the entire country would be able to achieve grade 9 in all their subjects and one Woodcote student, Sophia Williamson, managed to achieve the highest grade possible in all 12 of her subjects. Scoring 3 grade nines and nine A* grades – “A Full House”

Other notable results were:

Usman Sharif, Holly Malcolm, Kar-Men Carr and Demi Ojo who amassed four grade 9s, four grade 8s and 25 A* between them.

Five students: Eileen Melody, Megan Norman, Nikita Pillai, Laura Kunz and Devahn Steele-Thomas achieved on average two grades above their target grades.


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