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Vision Statement

At Woodcote we will:

  • Work with families and value the support of parents in trying to reach our aims.
  • Operate within a set of rules put in place for the benefit of all. 
  • Show clarity of purpose and show caring discipline. 
  • Ensure that all students are clear about the expectations placed upon them and aware of the consequences of not meeting them.
  • Enable all students to work with sufficient dignity to reach their true potential.
  • Ensure that bullying does not rob students of their dignity and prevent them from learning.
  • Use the pastoral system to see that students are happy and settled in their work.
  • Have high expectations of all our students and not tolerate work that reflects a lack of commitment or motivation.
  • Ensure that students feel that they belong and they matter
  • Work hard to see that all students achieve to the very best of their ability and overcome barriers to success.
  • Recognise and reward students of all abilities 
  • Expect that all our students will aim high and do their best.

Our Mission Statement

By the time our children leave Woodcote High School they will be literate, numerate, confident young people with high aspirations, independent learning skills and a sense of moral responsibility.


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