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There are two questions that are uppermost in parents’ minds when thinking about their child’s move from primary to secondary school.

Will my child enjoy the school?

Will my child achieve at school?

If we can get these two things right then everything else will fall into place.

Nearly 1000 families who chose Woodcote High School last year trusted us to deliver on these two vital outcomes. The 210 lucky students who obtained a place are now settled into a school that has seen eight years of continual improvement in examination results and an ever increasing range of activities both within and outside the curriculum; to give them experiences that they will treasure for a lifetime. 

We are a non-selective school that both serves the local community and has the faith of the local community, a classic example of the good local school that all parents should have a right to send their children to.

Our aim is to give our students seven years of a world-class education and equip them for the wider world of higher education and exciting job opportunities.

No one is saying that this is an easy journey, from time to time things go wrong. However, if parents work with us, support what the school stands for, and stay a part of that essential team of school – parent – student, then we will all continue to grow in success.

At well over 1200 students, we are a large institution and we have a responsibility for many future lives. A school of this size can’t operate successfully without excellent staff, both teachers and colleagues who support the teaching and learning in school.  It has always been our priority to recruit the best people possible, colleagues committed to ensuring that every student, no matter what their ability, achieves the very best they can in years to come.

Enjoy browsing this website.  I hope that it helps you to find out more about our school, whether you are looking at it for the first time or a regular visitor.  Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to see on our site and we’ll see what we can do.

Mark A Southworth


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