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  • Have a great summer holiday. Check our website for details of return to school times and our Autumn open events.
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Welcome to
Woodcote High School

As a fully comprehensive school, we are very much the school of choice for students in Coulsdon, Woodcote and Purley and we are regularly up to five times oversubscribed. We enjoy the confidence of parents because we are a continually improving school with results way above the national average, and are in the top 10% of schools in England for student progress. Students feel safe and happy at Woodcote and the school is a community resource used by many community organisations.  Our Fitness Suite is open to members of the public. We hope you find this site to be a useful source of information. We are committed to improving communication and keeping parents fully informed of the things going on at Woodcote through this site, alongside our regular Twitter messages and email newsletters.

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